“Improving Student Engagement Through Interactive Learning” 

What is Sorting for Success?

Sorting for Success was created by a classroom teacher to emphasize the importance of students being actively engaged in the learning process.  Each CD contains multiple templates for creating "Interactive Learning Boards" using Virginia's Standards of Learning History and Science vocabulary and concepts.  The "Interactive Learning Boards" can be created with ease so that they can be utilized in the classroom quickly and successfully.  Repetition of facts is a crucial skill and these boards provide opportunities for students to revisit new information over and over again. 

What Research is Used to Support Interactive Learning Boards?

In the professional textbook Classroom Instruction that Works: Research-Based Strategies For Increasing Student Achievement by Robert J. Marzano, Debra J. Pickering, and Jane E. Pollock, there are nine instructional strategies that have been proven to improve student achievement across all content areas and across all grade levels.  The number one strategy was "Identifying similarities and differences" at 45% achievement gain.  Each CD in the Sorting for Success series, contains essential vocabulary and concepts from Virginia Standards of Learning that students can sort to show knowledge of similarities and differences, to categorize, as well as sequence events.  The possibilities are endless.

How Can Interactive Learning Boards Be Used in Your Classroom?

VGLA Portfolios
SOL Review Game
Take Home Practice
Morning Work
Smart Board Interactive
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Interactive Textbook Glue-ins

Cooperative Learning

Classroom Centers

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